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November 25, 2019

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A New Approach

With the opening of our new office & warehouse in New Zealand, Wizid is signalling its intent to be a long term supplier of wristbands in NZ.

Among our offerings is a unique wristband designer which gives you control of what you want printed on a wristband. Please try it out

Introduce artwork, text in different fonts and sizes. Simply use our drag and drop features to place your message or logo onto the wristband

Then adjust the size as required. Our wristband designer has great flexibility, try your artwork in one area with your message say on the right,

Then move it around to see if you prefer it on the left. Want more than one artwork just drag in another.

No other wristband supplier can offer you this design flexibility in NZ, then print it here, despatch it and have it to you in days.

Our intent is for you to custom design your Tyvek wristbands online, complete the online shopping process, we print same or next day, depending on when the order is received, with the wristbands being despatched to you, no later than the day after printing.

Minimum quantity is 100 tyvek wristbands.

Our aim is to be the fastest, most efficient and economical supplier of Tyvek wristbands in New Zealand.

July 21, 2016

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We print wristbands in house in NZ

If you require a special design or message on your Tyvek wristbands and need them urgently, Wizid NZ are the people for you.

Simply, design your wristbands online, place your order and we print your wristbands in black and despatch the same or next day (depending on the time we receive your order) and presto, you’ll have your Tyvek wristbands in time for your event.

Our wristbands are printed onsite in Auckland and we stock a wide variety of colours allowing you to create a system to meet your requirements.

In fact, we believe we carry the largest amount of Tyvek wristbands in NZ and we are able to print your wristbands at short notice.

We are happy to compare our service and delivery with any competitor and you won’t find anyone who can do it faster than us.

April 18, 2016

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Which Wristband Do I Need?

The array of wristbands on offer can be bewildering. Categories include Tyvek, Plastic, Digital, Thermal, Woven, Promotional & Medical.

Each category contains many variations from Printed to Non Printed wristbands, colour & print variations, adhesive or snap closure. There would be a PhD out there for someone prepared to do the research & analysis of all the different wristband possibilities.

Identification & Security

Wristbands essentially fall into two main FUNCTION groups, they are IDENTIFICATION & SECURITY. The positive thing about wristbands for Identification, is that ALL wristbands fulfill that requirement & their intended use then determines which wristband is best suited for the purpose.

Questions to consider:
  • Do you require a wristband that can't be transferred?
  • How long is the wristband to be worn for?
  • Do you need to account for every wristband?
  • Do you wish to use the wristband to gather information?
  • The list could continue with as many variations as wristbands.

So let's simplify it for the wristband user... will the wristband be used for Personal use or Business?

Wristbands for Personal Use

Personal wristband use often includes identification for a Party where to make it easy for security a highly visible wristband is a simple & effective option.

Tyvek wristbands are a very popular choice, they come in a range of bright colours & can be custom printed with your message, details or even used as a party invitation.

These tyvek wristbands are cheap, non transferable & available in both 19mm & 25mm widths in small minimum quantities & be suitable for most personal situations where you are seeking to identify your guests & if in a club or pub situation for an 18th or 21st birthday, they simplify things for staff easily identifying who is entitled to what.

Medical ID or alert wristbands are self evident where personal information is written on the wristband & can be retained or updated as required, these medical wristbands may also be used for Kids ID where personal information can be accessed quickly anywhere.

Wristbands for Business Use

Wristbands for business are often more diverse depending on the intended use, the message you wish to portray to customers & the control required by your organization.

If you require a simple solution not unlike the Party situation already outlined then Tyvek or Plastic wristbands will meet your requirements. Both wristbands are available in many different colours & may be custom printed with your message & logo or that of a sponsor.

Thermal wristbands are also a good option if you need a "print on demand" wristband ( your own wristband printer would be necessary for this ) where you produce only as many as you require & can vary the information printed to quickly adapt to your situation.

It's also a way to control potential losses if wristbands are not kept in a secure location. Digital wristbands offer high quality photo quality graphics if you are looking to send a strong corporate message. They can be custom printed as well with variable data, including names, dates individual seating etc. These wristbands can also have barcodes or RFID chips which are ideal for verifying entitlements & capturing data for later analysis. An access scanning solution is required to be used with barcode & RFID applications. Woven or fabric wristbands are becoming more accepted in the festival market where data capture is not required, but there are still mixed reports on the security of these wristbands. Promotional wristbands are multi varied from the discredited Power wristbands to Insect repelling & motion sickness wristbands to wristbands containing anything from watches to USB's. Since the majority of promotional wristbands are Cause or message bands we'll restrict our comments there. Silicone wristbands are the best known in this category & have a multitude of types from Embossed, Recessed, raised or screen printed etc they are commonly used as merchandise by Charities are long lasting & ubiquitous, an attractive alternative to the silicone wristbands are "Message Bands", these wristbands are made from cotton, look similar to a wrist lanyard, come with a safety clip & may be custom printed with your message, both the Silicone & Message wristbands are transferable & should not be considered as a security wristband.

April 01, 2016

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Identification Vs. Security

Wristbands are used for many reasons & it is important that the right choice is made, so that the wristband is fit for purpose. Rule #1 is that ALL wristbands - whether they are Tyvek, Plastic, synthetic, Silicone or Woven - can be used for Identification, which is one of the reasons they are often referred to as ID bands.

Once you have decided you require a wristband solution, you should then evaluate how secure it should be. Identification of children at say a Birthday party held at McDonalds, would simply require a basic wristband to allow staff to identify who was entitled to which meals. A coloured tyvek wristband would be ideal to identify different groups & the likelyhood of children transferring a wristband would be minimal, so a security aspect to the wristband is not necessary.

Now let's make that party a Music Festival where a value is attached to the entry, let's say $100. Often they run all day & it's not inconceiveable for patrons to spend 6 hours there & then when leaving the venue try & transfer the wristband to someone else for $ 50 so they can then access the event. If successful, the Promoter loses $ 100 & it doesn't take many of those to add up into a significant amount of lost revenue. However, you would be surprised at the number of events where organisers think they are saving money by purchasing the cheapest ID solution. It tends to be a false economy & they have no way of quantifying just how much revenue is being lost.

Security solutions begin with the wristband being non stretch & non transferrable with the wristband being imprinted with an identifying text & or logo. Tyvek & plastic wristbands are regularly used as secure wristbands, with plastic wristbands considered more secure than tyvek bands.

Recently, Digital & Image wristbands have come to the fore offering photo quality graphics & variable data, where each adjoining wristband can be individualised with photos & names of the attendee. These digital wristbands often have a barcode imprint as well, which can be scanned to ensure only the one entry is allowed.

Digital wristbands are seen as part of a solution sell, where the wristband is not a stand alone item but used in conjunction with access & entry systems designed for data capture, such as the Wizid Guidepost system. Barcode solutions on tyvek wristbands are somewhat unreliable due to the nature of the material producing a clean barcode which is 100% readable.

Barcode scanning solutions have also been attempted with thermal wristbands, but these wristbands are considered to have poor security as the adhesives used have been defeated easily & the wristband transferred without detection.